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Treat Yourself Pro – Rose Hydrating Anti-Stress Facial - Danugur Fitness and Grooming

Treat Yourself Pro – Rose Hydrating Anti-Stress Facial

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Whilst nothing can beat enjoying the full professional treatment delivered by your therapist, as businesses have had to close for a while – you can treat yourself at home with our easy to follow full professional facial therapy.

A beautiful facial therapy for stressed and tired skin with easy to follow step by step instructions within the box, or follow our video.

Cleanse, tone and exfoliate your skin, and then apply the Rosehip Oil with a gentle massage to the skin before applying our professional SkinZen Rose Facial Mask.  Perfect for sensitivity, for redness, dryness and flaky skin.  

As you mix this mask, you will enjoy the heady rose scent containing extracts from Arctic Rose, Black Rose, White Rose, Nepalese Rose together with a Hydo Protecting complex and Tusli Plant.